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Repair your flooring, don't replace it.

In this current climate when money is tight and a lot of businesses need to make savings where possible it isn't often thought about that your floor could potentially save you thousands.

People often think its easier to just rip up a perfectly serviceable floor and replace it because of how it looks. This is usually because the floor might be looking a bit tired or grubby or even bits of damage here and there. However, this doesn't need to be the case.

We recently took on a job local to us (which made a nice change!) in which a bar owner had asked if we could refurbish his floor and breathe new life into it as he wasn't keen to have it replaced.

On the face of it you'd think in this particular case, the floor should be lifted and replaced.

As you can see from the images the floor is a complete mess. It had be sealed with the wrong sealer and this sealer over time had just collected more and more dirt, leaving it looking like what you see above. Not only that but the sealer had been applied over and over again so the layer of dirt was incredible.

Knowing that we have the knowledge, right products for the job and correct processes to reinvigorate this floor, we got to work.

4Earth Ammonia Floor Stripper was used to strip back the layer upon layer of sealer, this was the tough part but with the right dwell time it was made a whole lot easier with the ammonia stripper.

This was then cleaned down a number of times with our best selling 4Earth Hard Surface Cleaner and finally one last clean with 4Earth Neutral Floor Cleaner. The final clean is all important as you are minimising the residue left on the floor before the sealer goes down. The floor at this stage was ready to be sealed.

To seal we used 4Earth Polish and Seal which is great for use on sealing Luxury Vinyl, laminate, stone and concrete.

We applied two coats to the floor using flat mops and buffed up to leave a wonderful sheen to the floor. The finished article looked like the floor had just been laid.

The bar owner couldn't believe the job and more over how much he had saved in not having to replace the floor.

If you have any floors that you think we could refurbish or even anything that needs deep cleaning or sealing give us a call on 0191 567 0300 or email

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